Our inspiration is Paris, which is one of the few locations in the world where an artistic soul meets rush of the city. Famous delicate streets contrast with majestic tenements and light and beauty of nature harmonizes with the beating heart of the city. Initially it makes us feel guilty, because it allows us to herd with omnipresent art, not wanting anything in return. However complexes disappear fastly, when we become aware that we can be part of this beatiful project. A distinctive element of common space.


We found him in the person of Vincent Van Gogh, who knew how to tame Paris. Each brush of his brush reflected the aesthetics of the moment and the grace of the ubiquitous movement. He lived to show the world the diary in the form of unique paintings that were cognized with senses and painted with feelings. His art helps us to understand the world.


Following the Master, we decided to focus on the details in our products. We know that they are the foundation of the goal that we want to achieve with our clients. Every person is an individual, but we are connected by the world in which we live. All the inhabitants of Paris testify to its beauty as well as every day about space around us.

"The world we live in is the only one possible - Let's make it more beautiful together!"

Oscar Lipiński The creator of the Vincent Roset brand



The creator of the Oscar Lipinsky project has always been associated with the culture and art community, which allowed him to develop his aesthetic sense and search for his own style. He stood at the door of the fashion world while developing his passion which is DJing and thanks to that he has had the opportunity to confront his energy and ideas with the current market. He loves large agglomerations, but he is also an active propagator of the beauty of nature and it is the combination of these seemingly different worlds that is to be the heart of the Vincent Roset brand.


Family and experience

The Vincent Roset brand is created by a family-owned company that has been on the European market for over a quarter of a century. From an early age Oscar participated in the creation of leather goods. He knew the job at the beginning and he knew how important it is to cooperate with all elements to make the result a success.

"Beauty can only arise when the creative head co-operates with busy hands"

Oscar Lipiński The creator of the Vincent Roset brand



Thanks to many years of activity in the leather goods segment, we have access to the top European tanneries. Personally, before making an order, we examine each batch so that it has the right qualities: strength, touch and smell.


We want our commitment to be appreciated by you. We have created a short distribution model that allows you to contact us directly when making orders. We care about our close relationship with our clients, because only this way we can obtain reliable market information that will come from your opinion. It is extremely important for us that the products that we create fully satisfy our consumers - co-creators of the more beautiful world.


Now we could finish our description, but in order to ensure that the premium brand's leather goods could be found in as many houses as possible, we made sure that the shortened distribution model would result in the lack of any intermediaries. Thanks to this treatment, we can prevent artificially charged margins and provide you with our products at affordable prices.